Most Popular Questions.

Can I get Internet in my area?

To find out if Open Wireless can service your address, go to our home page and select "Check My Address for Service." If we can't reach your address today, we will soon -- we're rapidly expanding our next-generation broadband network.

How does Open Wireless work?

Open Wireless uses fixed-wireless technology, which may sound similar to satellite internet, but it's much different. In fact, we have a blog post that outlines how Open Wireless Internet works. Check it out here!

How much does Open Wireless cost?

Our current offerings are outlined on our home page. For each of our current plans, we have a one-time $495 setup fee. This covers your radio receiver to connect to our network and two wireless access points for inside your home.

Do I have to sign any contracts?

Each of our plans requires a one-year agreement similar to other providers like Spectrum and Xfinity. The terms of our agreement are outlined in our Terms of Service and on the Customer Service Order form.

Is Open Wireless using a secure network?

Our network has been designed by world-class network architects and we are CISv8 compliant. CIS (Center for Internet Security) is a non-profit organization that leads a global community of IT professionals to set standards and safeguard against emerging threats. For more information on our network and security, please see our Network Disclosure.

Am I required to use the provided router?

Each customer install includes two Plume® SuperPods™, which act as the routers for your home network. You are not required to use both SuperPods, but you need to use at least one to connect to our network. You may connect another router behind the gateway SuperPod, but this will create another NAT. For more details, please read our Plume Network Setup blog post.

Is Open Wireless Internet unlimited?

We have zero data caps on all of our plans. We believe that uncapped Internet is the way it was supposed to be experienced. That's why we don't have data caps like most popular cell carriers. Go stream, game, and learn without worrying about a monthly data limit.

Does Open Wireless throttle customers?

We do not favor or throttle internet traffic to specific sites, services, or apps. We are 100% net neutral, which means we treat all Internet communications equally. However, your maximum download speeds are determined by which plan you choose. For example, if you select our 50 Mbps plan, you will only be able to download at a maximum speed of 50 megabits per second (Mbps).

Does Open Wireless provide phone and TV?

We are only offering internet services at this time. However, if you’re in need of phone services, please contact us.

Will I get a public IPv4 address?

All residential customers will receive an internal private IP address. If you’re a business customer who requires a public IP address, please contact us for pricing.